A Continuation of Our “Farmer of Hearts” Journey – Let's Read “The Acts”

Our invitation to read Acts on a daily basis was originally intended to be a self-study project in a community setting. In response to the demand from a lot of Farmers of Hearts, we have decided to provide daily materials through emails. Due to the limited capacity of the staff and volunteers of FLL, we can only provide resources out of our best efforts. If the resources we provide cannot fully satisfy your needs, we ask for your understanding.

Let's support and pray for one another on this learning and spiritual journey!

As we prepare ourselves for the Pentecost on May 31, 2020, we hope to build up an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit. We invite you to join a movement in reading one chapter of the Acts of the Apostles each day, beginning on April 24. By the Feast of the Ascension of Jesus Christ (May 21), we will have finished reading the whole book of ACTS. 

Between Ascension and Pentecost, as we prepare to receive the Holy Spirit to proclaim the Good News to the ends of the earth, we will provide a spiritual journey that will deepen your understanding of and build up your relationship with the Holy Spirit. We will also invite you to join us in praying the Novena of the Holy Spirit together. We hope you will respond positively to our appeal in order to better equip ourselves!

Action: Read one chapter of the Acts of the Apostles every day beginning on Friday, April 24. (The emails with supporting materials will start coming on Wednesday, April 29.)

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions:

What You Will Receive:

  • An email with the daily reading of a chapter in the Acts beginning on Wednesday, April 29.
  • Basic guidelines for study and reflection for each day.
  • Online reference materials (new resources will be added to the page as they become available).

How Do You Participate:

  • Reflection: meditate on the reading
  • Journalling: write down
    • your insights and inspirations from the Holy Spirit after reading the chapter
    • personal reflections related to the reading
  • Sharing: share your reflections and/or witnesses

Invite your friends to join you on this journey. One of the ways is to invite them to register and/or join the Farmer of Hearts Facebook Group.

Is Registration Required?

  • If you have registered for the “Farmer of Hearts” online retreat, you don’t have to register again.
  • New participants should click Register.